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’30 things I have learned creating contents’: my conference at Ibermedia

Here is the complete presentation I used at Ibermedia Programme (La Paz, Bolivia) last week.

Thanks again to the organization to trust on me to help the best 25 scriptwritters in Iberoamerica in their projects. Good ideas and great people!


Why I left Havas, and what I’m up to now


This is a very personal article, thinking aloud about where my professional future lies in the wake of recent decisions concerning my personal life.

A few months ago, I decided of my own accord to leave Havas SE (Havas Media Group), the company where I worked. Usually this is something that just isn’t done in my profession. Either you negotiate a way out (in other words, force them to sack you) or they dismiss you directly. There is a third option (which is also very common in this sector) which is to go to another agency. But I know very few people who just leave of their own accord without previously firming up something to move on to.

A lot of people told me it was madness. We’re talking about the most important media agency in Spain and one of the biggest in the world! Just a few months ago they promoted me; I was on the management board, and some of the senior figures in the company had put their faith in me. But I was a fish out of water there. The fact is, I never felt comfortable or managed to find my niche. Sigue leyendo